Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More thoughts on redefining the god of my understanding

I received the following comment to my previous blog entry on this topic:
How do you reconcile the fact they convicted God, but then prayed to him immediately afterwards?  Was this simply an expression of the unhappiness they had with God, while recognizing ultimately he exists and is their master?
In my impression, the god of our religious upbringing must die in order to understand that god is beyond all understanding.

Does that make any sense?  Not to the rational mind, it doesn't.

But there is another mind, much more primal, inside of us, deeply linked to our emotions.  it is a mind much more in touch with the Way things work at a subconscious/unconscious level.  The mind within doesn't much care for logic, but it yearns to be connected to something.  we see that connection happening throughout nature, in the flock of birds or school of fish, the underlying need to be "part of" or "one with" is always there.

In my understanding, god is not 'out there', separate, some puppet master or ideal that orchestrates what is happening here, to whom we pray for favors.  God is "I am" - "in there":being itself as reflected inside of me: the Atman.  Not the logical mind, not the passion, neti, neti. 

Even a flock of rabbis needs to connect, spiritually, to that which is beyond logical understanding.
So i pray, not for favors, not even for understanding.  I pray to connect.  Or better said, I pray and connect.  And in so doing, I pray with more meaning, more passion, and more spirituality than ever.

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